Our company values are rooted in Indigenous knowledge and our business decision-making is guided by our values. Specifically, the 7 Grandfather Teachings from Anishinaabe culture inform our relationships with clients, partners, employees, contractors and other collaborators.

Part of our organizational mission is to encourage and inspire Indigenous youth to choose entrepreneurship and technology as a career path. In 2015, Animikii launched the TECHNOLOGY AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP SCHOLARSHIPS FOR INDIGENOUS YOUTH. With the desire to grow the  scholarship fund, in 2019, Animikii launched an online store to sell our unique 7 Sacred Teachings T-Shirts with all of the the proceeds going to the scholarships fund.

Basically, the more t-shirts we sell, the more scholarships we are able to give to students across Turtle Island. 

For more information about the Technology and Entrepreneurship Scholarships for Indigenous Youth please see our Scholarship page on the Animikii website. 

7 Sacred Teachings